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Book a hunt in Argentina you will remember.

The geographic center of Argentina, North of Patagonia and an area of geographic transition between the Patagonia bush and the green pampas. Santa Rosa is the Provincial capital, and is 600 Km. (375 miles) from Buenos Aires. In the central zone you found woods of a tree call Calden, typical of La Pampa, which grows only there and in surrounding areas. The big game in La Pampa: Red Stag, Russian Boar, Puma (cougar), fallow deer, Black Buck and feral goat. In the rutting season you hunt is done stalking, nad in the rest of the year you wait in a tree top, stall or in a blind, day or night. The latter goes for wild boar. There is no restriction for night hunting. La Pampa Province For Feather Hunting you have Partridge, Ducks, Wild Geese, Doves and Hare, Vizcacha (prairie dog like), etc

Hunt in La Pampa Argentina

Dates you would like to hunt:
Number of hunters in party:

Argentina Multi Horn Ram

Climate Information
The rainfall in the central west zone of La Pampa amounts to 600 mm. per year. From march to may during day time the temperature ranges from 10░C (50 f░) to 28░ (82 f░). By night the temperature goes down to 0░C (32 f░). Our hunting zone is in the area of General Acha and Victorica

The hunting seasons for the La Pampa Province is as follows:

La Pampa Province:
Red Stag
Al Species
U$S 330
March 15 to May 15 1 Male/Seasons per hunter
(No less to 11 points)
Wild Boar January 1 to Dec. 31 2 per day per hunter
Cougar (*) January 1 to July 31 2 / Seasons per hunter
Black Buck
Fallow Deer
Axis Deer
Depend on the private
Depend on the private

Multi Horn Ram
Wild Goat
Dorsset Ram
Black Face Ram Mouflon
Asiatic buffalo

Depend on the private
areas. All year.

Depend on the private
areas. All year.

La Pampa Province Hunting Prices:

La Pampa - Gral. Acha - Victorica - Rifle Hunting Prices
Red Stag - US $2500.....(10 to 12 points)
Red Stag - US $3000.....(13 and 14 points)
Fallow Deer - US $1700
Wild Boar - US $600
Asiatic Buffalo - US $2400
Black Buck - US $1000
Daily Rate - US $300.....(3 Days Minimum)
Non Hunting Guest - US $200.....(3 Days Minimum)
Lodge in Farm House or fly camp

La Pampa - Santa Isabel - Bow Hunting Prices
Red Stag 11 to 14 points (until 180 CIC points) - US $3500
Fallow Deer - US $1800
Fallow Deer Plate or gold medal - US $3000
Asiatic Buffalo Good Trophies - US $2500
Black Face Ram Good Trophies - US $700
Dorsset Ram Good Trophies - US $750
European Wild Boar - US $900
Multi Horn Ram Good Trophies - US $850
Wild Goat - US $600
Mouflon and Blackbuck ask or call
Daily Rate - Per Hunter - Per Day - US $300
Daily Rate - Per Non Hunter- Per Day - US $200

La Pampa Province:
The Daily Rate Includes:
- Buenos aires Airport Reception, Transport to Domestic Airport, Reception in the hunting zone airport.
- All Meals are included in the daily rates.
- Service of a professional guide, trained dogs, horses, saddles.
- Field preparation of the trophy.
- Lodging, that may be in farm house, campfly, hotel (depending on the hunting area).
- Transportation during the hunting days.
- Transportation from the hunting zone to the local airport.
- Beverages: soft drinks, local wine, beer and normal amounts of whisky, Gin, Brandy, etc. We may provide other spirits at our discretion, free of charge.

The Daily Rate does not include:
- Air flight tickets or bus tickets, from Buenos Aires to the hunt area, and the return to Buenos Aires, or from one hunting area to other hunting area (Province).
- Lodging and meals before and after the safari.
- Telephone calls (local or international).
- Hunting License.
- Guns and ammunitions, packing administration of trophies.
- Life and medical secures and others personals items.
- In Big Game, the trophy fee.

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